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Advanced Technology for Exceptional Care

We employ state-of-the-art technology in all areas of our practice, from our modern amenities to our advanced diagnostic and treatment equipment. With all of the recent advancements in the dental field, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than fast, comfortable and effective dental care.

CEREC One-Visit Dentistry

CEREC One-Visit Dentistry at Village Dental at Saxony in Fishers, IN

CEREC® enables our Fishers, IN dentists to create and place crowns and other restorations in just ONE visit, so you spend less time at the dental office! Even better, this state-of-the-art technology eliminates the need for plastic temporaries while your restorations are sent off to a lab, a process that can take weeks and require a series of dental appointments. With CEREC, you can get the dental treatment you need, then get back to your busy life.

At the beginning of your appointment, we will prepare the damaged tooth for restoration and take a picture of it using a special digital camera. The CEREC 3D imaging software will then create a 3D model of your restoration on our computer screen—all without that messy, uncomfortable impression tray.

CEREC restorations are made of a biocompatible ceramic material that can be adjusted to match the natural color of your other healthy teeth. We insert a block of the ceramic material into our onsite CEREC milling unit, which then constructs your restoration according to the exact specifications outlined by the virtual model. After only 15 minutes or so, your restoration is ready to be placed. Because the computer-aided manufacturing is extremely precise, you’re sure to have a great fit when your newly milled crown or filling is polished and bonded to your tooth.

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3D Imaging for Dental Implants

3D Imaging for Dental Implants at Village Dental at Saxony in Fishers, IN

Cone beam imaging is an X-ray technique in which the X-rays are spread out into the shape of a cone, providing a highly accurate 3D image that helps our dentists visualize your entire mouth. This information is invaluable to our team when we’re planning complex surgical procedures such as dental implant placement, wisdom teeth removal and bone grafts.

With 3D imaging, we are able to create a digital replica of your jawbone. Using this detailed image, we can place implants with more accuracy and safety than ever before, while avoiding sensitive and critical structures such as nerves, roots, and even sinuses. The convenience and precision of 3D scanning also helps us reduce the overall treatment time required for dental implants.

3D Imaging for Dental Implants at Village Dental at Saxony in Fishers, IN

3D X-ray imaging not only costs less than a traditional CT scan, but it also emits significantly less radiation. A fast scan time of only 14 seconds minimizes your radiation exposure while generating precise, high-resolution images.

3D imaging helps us evaluate and plan for:

  • Oral surgery, including dental implant placement
  • Root canal therapy
  • Extraction of impacted teeth (particularly wisdom teeth)
  • Orthognathic surgery (corrective jaw surgery)

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Low-Radiation Digital X-rays

Low-Radiation Digital X-rays at Village Dental at Saxony in Fishers, IN

Digital X-rays have a number of benefits over conventional X-rays. In addition to being faster (the images are available on our computer screen within seconds), they also emit significantly less radiation and require no sharp X-ray film. With just a few small digital sensors, we can get a clear and precise view of your teeth, sinuses and upper and lower jaws.

Many serious dental conditions can go unnoticed during a standard visual exam, so we incorporate digital X-rays to make sure we always see the big picture. X-rays help us diagnose:

  • Small areas of decay between teeth
  • Decay below existing restorations
  • Deep cavities, abscesses and cysts
  • Gum disease and Infections
  • Developmental abnormalities
  • Some types of tumors

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Less Time, More Comfort!

Are you tired of long dental visits and the aching jaw that comes with them? The revolutionary Isolite® system is a small invention that will make a BIG difference in your dental experience!

Isolite’s soft, flexible mouthpiece lets you rest your jaw during treatment. It also illuminates your mouth from the inside, eliminating shadows and helping us work more efficiently. Best of all, Isolite uses self-aspirating technology that makes cotton rolls and rinse breaks a thing of the past.

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Technology for Cleanliness & Safety

In addition to thoroughly sanitizing each room between patients, we have sophisticated sterilization equipment that disinfects every instrument prior to your visit. We also perform routine spore testing through an independent third-party laboratory to ensure that all of our sterilization equipment is working properly. Your safety is important to us, so we take every caution to protect you and your family.

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